The image above is from Soie soyeuse, a tactile and sonic artist’s book published by Éditions Talmart (Paris) in 2009.

Book & sound recording

Bonenfant, Y. (2009) [editor, artistic director, sound]  Soie soyeuse (Silky Silk). Paris: Editions Talmart. With textile art contributions by Lorna Dallas-Conté, Caroline Mercier, Casey Wasniewski. and photography by Caroline Mercier ISBN 2-903911-91-1.

Edited-curated collections

Bonenfant, Y., Edmondes, W. and Silver, M. (2012) (editor-curators) Cries from the Guts. Experiments and Intensities 1, Winchester: Winchester University Press.

Arlander, A. & Bonenfant, Y.  with Covey-Krell, M. (2012) (editor-curators) Ex-trauma: The Opposite of the Traumatic. Experiments and Intensities 2, Winchester: Winchester University Press.

Articles in journals

Bonenfant, Y. (2013) Writing touch in textile: Talking touch in tactility. Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices 5:2, pp. 121-140.

Bonenfant, Y. (2012) Architecting sensation: voice, light and touch. Choreographic Practices 2:1, pp. 43-67.

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Chapters & annotations

Bonenfant, Y. (2013) An Architecture of Sensation: Explorations in Extended Voice, Flashing Light and Video Art in Schroeder, S. (ed.) ‘Bewegungen zwischen Hören und Sehan: Denkbewegungen über Bewegungskünste’, Wurzburg: Könighausen & Neumann, p. 579-590.

Bonenfant, Y. (2012) The Opposite of the Traumatic: The Skin Walks in Bonenfant, Y. (2013) Arlander, A. & Bonenfant, Y. with Covey-Krell, M. (editor-curators) ‘Ex-trauma: The Opposite of the Traumatic’, Experiments and Intensities series 2, Winchester: Winchester University Press, vol-2/the-opposite-of-trauma-the-skin-walks/ 

Bonenfant, Y. & Maclaurin, A. (2009) Acoustic/Electric (excerpt/overview of piece) in Allegue, L., Jones, S. Kershaw, B., Piccini, A. (eds.) 2009 ‘Practice-as-Research in Performance and Screen’, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, p. 195

Bonenfant, Y. (2004)  The Visceral Voice. In Morgan, K. (ed.) Crossing  Over: Negotiating Interdisciplinary Culture. Regina: CanadianPlains Research Institute Press.

Report contributions

Bonenfant, Y. (2012) A portrait of the current state of PaR: Defining an (In)Discipline, in Boyce-Tillman, J., Bryden, I., Taiwo, O., de Faria, T. and Brown, R. ‘PaR for the Course: Issues involved in the development of practice-based doctorates in the performing arts’, published online by PALATINE/Higher Education Academy for the Humanities and the Arts, p. 21-29,

Conference papers

I have given more than 40 presentations, conference papers, performance-lectures, invited symposia talks, etc. since 2005.  For an academic profile, see my profile. You can also learn more about my university profile.