I am Head of Department, Theatre at University College Cork, Cork, Ireland. I joined UCC in Autumn, 2018 and love living in Cork. I am also Visiting Professor of Research, University of Winchester, United Kingdom.

For 2020-21, I am leading the MA Theatre and Performative Practices ‘Queer Year’ at UCC. See our department web page for more details.

From a theatre, performance and teaching perspective, I am interested in what each organism, with all its genetic and cultural individuality, has to say. I adapt my teaching and learning approach to age groups that range from youth to doctoral-level. I hold a PhD focusing on voice-derived interdisciplinary performance and collaborative practices and teach contemporary/devised performance with an emphasis on the space where  performance, live art, and sometimes music collide, with an increasing emphasis on coding technologies, responsive environments, and queered cultural issues.

Both inside the University and as a workshop facilitator, I take students on journeys into:

  • Voice, and what ‘else’ it can do;
  • Queerdom, difference and othered bodies on stage. From 2016-20, I have developed a particular interest in facilitating performance by children with profound and multiple learning disAbilities.
  • Creative processes for performance and intermedia;
  • and the world where sensation and emotion meet.

I have given teaching workshops at: Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki; University of Limerick (Republic of Ireland); University College Falmouth; Exeter University; University of Bristol; University of Central Lancashire; University of Newcastle upon Tyne; Mile Zero Dance; University of Portsmouth; University of York St John; University of York; The Arches, Glasgow.