B(earth) painting and voice video art by Bonenfant/Allegue.

B(earth) 2 painting and voice video art.

B(earth) at ATRIUM – Bonenfant & Allegue.

Yvon Bonenfant and Ludivine Allegue made an installation linking painting, voice and video through the medium of texture.

SHOWINGS OF THE B(EARTH) PROJECTS: Talmart Gallery, Paris; ATRiUM, Cardiff; the Alsager Gallery; Sala da Arte Rey dos Chicos, Granada, Spain; The Arches, Glasgow (as part of the Sound Thoughts festival); Université Laval, Canada.  Painting and video by Ludivine Allegue.

SUPPORTED BY: British Academy; ENSA Limoges-Aubusson; University of Winchester; IDEAT (Paris)