Soie soyeuse – the artist’s book – was built from the performance Soie soyeuse. This special book, published in a limited edition of only 40 copies by Editions Talmart in Paris in December 2009, features an exclusive CD recording alongside textile art by Lorna Dallas-Conté, Caroline Mercier and Casey Wasniewski. Photography and transparencies for the project are by Caroline Mercier. Each textile art piece was hand made in 40 copies, and no two pages are identical. Each textile page is made from 100% silk: knitted, dyed, folded, cut, distressed, knotted and generally reworked.

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in conjunction with Talmart, the book explores other ways of ‘writing’ tactility in performance. Yvon was able to work with these talented artists who conceived their page under his artistic direction. The final result is a precious, tactile and personal journey through the of Soie soyeuse, accompanied by a high-quality multi-track sound recording inspired by the live performance. The book has been shown in the group exposition ‘Serial Artists’, Talmart Gallery, Paris, January 2011.