The Intimacies vocal art – videodance project journeys through encounter – between bodies, skins, and gestures. Vocal sensualities and intensities draw the viewer inside carefully framed acts of movement as a witness and an explorer. Video artist Ludivine Allegue brings her painterly skill to the process of video editing. It was selected for the 2nd International Sao Carlos Videodance Festival in Brazil and has been shown in installation format at the Alsager Gallery (UK); the Beetroot Tree Gallery (UK); the National Gallery of Nitra, Slovakia; at the Theatre Academy of Finland; and Yvon performed live with the work at Marina Tsartsara’s (curator) Pieces to Fit event.

Vocal art, artistic direction, choreographic facilitation: Yvon Bonenfant

Video art, image capture, montage/editing: Ludivine Allegue

Dancers and co-choreographers: Robin Dingemans, Caroline Gill, Delphine Gaborit

SUPPORTED BY: The British Academy; The Choregraphic Lab; University of Winchester; Alsager Gallery; IDEAT (Paris)