This street-based work of art is about bodies ‘singing through movement’.

We began the work from the question ‘What is the opposite of trauma?’. Yvon was interested in looking at – and feeling through – how we might act on the unconscious minds of passersby to model other ways of inhabiting the body in public space, ways that speak of not trauma, but the opposite of it; not of a Walt Disney idea of happiness, but rather we investigated how the body might create a dramatic not-trauma-ness in public space. We took the work to: Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, the docklands in Cardiff , Canal St-Martin, and many other quarters of London, Paris, and Cardiff.

We explored movement patterns: subtle, idiosyncratic choreographies of a sort of soft and gentle pleasure, and how these might work with and through the group. We took the piece to London, Cardiff and Paris where we interacted with thousands of passersby.

Thank you to the Galloping Cuckoos.