This performance for maximum 5 audience members at a time has shown in the Galerie Talmart, Paris twice, in 2007 and 2008 for durational runs; at the festival Giving Voice 9 in Aberystwyth, Wales, and at the MIX 2008 Queer Experimental Film Festival (New York) as an exclusive live event. The video version showed at the INPORT Festival, Tallinn.

A unique, extended voice, visual, tactile journey for the intimately sized audience, where wind, water, grime and guts all coexist. By turns angelic and desperate, shrill and low, dramatic and comical, this 20 minute performance takes the audience into a world of silk, of growing and maturing, of emergence, of struggle and of pleasure and release. A meditation on skin and membrane, Soie soyeuse takes you on journey through the sensuality and struggle of silkiness.

Visual collaboration with the devising and costume by Spyros Koskinas. The 2008 version was accompanied by an installation of hand dyed silk by Caroline Mercier.